Stress Purchase: Dell Mini 9

For some reason, the fact that they reduced the price on the dell mini 9 by 50 bucks prompted me to buy one. I'm gonna hackintosh it.

It will be sweet. This will make the 4th mac machine in my house. I'd like to pretend they will still have defined roles in the technology hierarchy of my tiny studio apartment, but that remains to be seen. If anything, this can be my cheap travel laptop that I won't miss when it gets jacked from my hotel room in Brazil.


some will fall in love with life and drink it from a fountain that is pouring like an avalanche coming down the mountain.

So I got bored and exhausted all my Google reader stories and main page stories, so I got to think about what I do to find the breaking news. There are a lot of sites that let you see the unfiltered upcoming stories, and in some cases vote on them. Obviously there's digg, but digg is awful so I can't stand that. I guess the ones I like so far are:
So far I'm a little disappointed. Reddit links are kind of scary and look potentially NSFW. Buzzfeed Raw is largely spam. Metafilter is kind of like slashdot circa 1999, and Neatorama's upcoming queue is generally very, very boring.

[UPDATE: Uh oh. Buzzfeed Raw just got very NSFW. Back to work with me.]


Posting for Posts sake

Well I never post on this blog, but with Esther and Alex pimping their link farms like crazy, I figure I might as well bump them.

Maybe I'll follow their lead and start microposting. We'll see.