Metaphysics, Philosophy, and Green-Skinned Space Babes

October 24, 2005

A well-read friend of mine sent me a disturbing e-mail the other day. After another friend recommended Ender's Game to her, she discounted the book after reading the amazon review:
I just started to read the Amazon synopsis of Ender's Game and had to stop reading after this sentence: Aliens have attacked Earth twice and almost destroyed the human species.

I don't think I can comment on this.
I consider this friend to be one of the most reliable litmus tests in terms of book recommendations; to see her reject a book out of hand (cart?) because of the mention of "Aliens" showed a closed mindedness that was disappointing, but not at all unusual, given the broad perception of the sci-fi genre as a whole. Between Star Trek Conventions and Hollywood remakes of Philip K. Dick novels, science fiction books and movies are generally seen as a niche, cult-appeal, sensationalist works meant mostly for the off-hours Dungeons & Dragons crowd looking for a break from the orc-hunting.


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