How to Conjugate Final Fantasy Spells

May 04, 2009

an excerpt from my unpublished book: 101 Final Fantasy Spells.

Final Fantasy spells are a synthetic language with a moderate-to-high degree of inflection which shows up mostly in the spell conjugation.

The Final Fantasy spell system is separated into 3 distinct inflections indicating the degree of the spell. Final Fantasy spells represent a pro-drop language, as the object of the spell is generally limited by the intention.

A large number of spells are irregular. The rest fall into one of three regular conjugations, which have -rx endings (where x represents any vowel or affricative consonant sound.

The basic -rx ending typically indicates a single target, while the advanced ending -ra typically indicates a more powerful single target (formal). The multiple target ending is -raga, and the most powerful (although uncommonly used) suffix is -raja. If a spell name is longer than 8 characters then the -raga and -raja endings are frequently shortened to -ga and -ja.

FireFiraFiragaFiraja (uncommonly used)
Irregular Spells
EsunaN/AEsunagaN/AAs Esuna has no qualitative measure,only the single target and multiple target versions have any distinct inflection.
BreakN/ABreakgaN/AAs Break has only a binary reaction, there are no qualitative modifiers for it. It should also be noted that “Breakga” is a stupid name.
QuakeN/AQuakegaN/AThe augmented power inflections for quake were never established, probably to avoid offending quakers. It should also be noted that “Quakega” is a stupid name.

If I ever create a pop song that will have a corresponding dance craze, it will be called “Do the meteo now”.


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