September 30, 2005

My friend Rob is an internet meme… and not one of the dirty ones!

He made a trailer for a contest, in which he had to re-cut a movie into a misleading trailer. The result is just awesome (mirrored here if the ps260 server gets hosed again). After he had submitted the original entry to the contest (which he won), he sent this link out to a few friends. We all thought it was pretty funny and forwarded it on, and now, maybe a month later, he’s all over the place. Check out links 2-10 on the first page of hits on Google Blogsearch.

As an executive producer for Rob’s student movie (this means that I had to go to the vending machines to buy diet sodas for our actors), I can’t help but feel proud.

UPDATE: It’s gotten crazy. Last night, The New York Fracking Times ran an article on Rob. We had to go over to his office to help him deal with the vapors. I’d make sure you watch the actual video before reading the nytimes article, because they kind of ruin the whole joke. And no, it’s not my blog they’re talking about, they’re talking about Dustin’s Xanga. I only posted it after it went hollywood.

Written by Will who lives and works in New York. You should follow him on Twitter.