Infomofo's Authoritative Guide to Manhattan: La Cupcake Disputà

October 01, 2005

La Cupcake Disputà

La Cupcake Disputà

Cupcakes have become an integral part of Manhattan cuisine, growing quickly from "Sex and the City" fad pastry to a staple for a growing number of bakeries, following the success arcs of other such specific dishes as Lobster Rolls and the ubiquitous Corn. New York Metro has a great story on the original Magnolia bakery and the resulting schism between founders Jennifer Appel and Allysa Torey , although their version is a little secular for my tastes.

Any real New Yorker knows the true story of La Cupcake Disputà, as immortalized by Raphael Santi in his famous Stanza Della Segnatura frescoes now displayed in the Vatican, and as documented by Milton in his "Aesthetics on Frosting". Torey, of course, was a strict believer of cupcake-transubstantiation, and that the eucharistic cake and frosting actually became infused with the Real Presence of Jesus' body and blood at the point of sale; Appel believed that Christ's body and blood do not come down to inhabit the elements, but that "the Spirit truly unites things separated in space". The resulting fraction led to the great Cupcake Reformation, by which Appel spun off the Buttercup bakery in midtown and the rest, as they say, is history.


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