The Obligatory Friendster PSA

October 05, 2005

These May-December Things Never Work Out

The Pos told me that posting a friendster screenshot on flickr is very post-modern. I told him that he's adopted.

If you've been living under a rock like my friend E-*, then you don't know about the "Viewed My Profile" feature on Friendster, also known as the most unwanted feature in the world. This is demonstrably true as the first thing that anyone will you do when you tell them about the most unwanted feature in the world, the first thing they ask you is how to turn it off. Go to "My Settings", and set "View Profiles Anonymously" to "Yes"

You're pretty lame if you haven't heard about this yet, because even Business Week has picked up on it. I mean, I know that Friendster isn't cool anymore, but do they have to rub our faces in it?

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